Harvesting is done by hand, and collected in small bins ...

... to keep the grapes all their intrinsic qualities until the arrival in the cellar.

One of the first Bandol

Terroir Rovayrola

Rouvraie = zone planted with oaks district of the CADIERE of AZUR in 1405,

has become ``VAYROLE`` cited by MAGLOIRE GIRAUD and ``VEYROLLES`` quoted by BOSC. The spellings change: but the land remains. Shoots of these stubborn trees still form a long border on the north side of the property.

17th century

The origins of the domain

Owned by Mr. Lafran, it appears in the name of his heirs in 1641, when it is designated as: land, country house, vineyards, olive trees and avellaniers (hazel trees) and mentioned as confronting the Sieur NOBLE (who gave his name to the district of the Nobility) and the Grand Vallat.

Exceptional terroir

It consists of 10 hectares:

Consisting of 10 hectares, this terroir native Cretaceous is part of the Provence Limestone.
Clay-limestone, it maintains a good humidity during the great drought and brings a high complexity in the wines thanks to the fineness of mineral clay, called Marne Blue.
The microclimate it enjoys is linked to the Mediterranean Sea and its precious influence for humid summers and mild winters. On the eastern flank of the amphitheater north of the Big Brain and south of the village of Cadière d'Azur, the vineyard is protected from storms and enjoys the rising sun, conducive to the finesse of Mourvèdre. 6 ha of Mourvèdres 1 ha of Grenache 1 ha of Cinsaults 2 ha of Clairettes, Ugnis Blancs and Carignans. The size is made in traditional cup. The manures are natural to preserve the quality and are practiced alternately every two years. N.B .: Weeding is mechanical. No chemicals are used. The green harvest is rigorous to leave only a minimum of bunches. The topping is operated late and reduced to a minimum to leave all the food and comfort to the bunches of grapes. Only sulfur and copper strengthen the stumps. For the works, the material is the most ordinary, wheeled tractor and pneumatic sprayer.
The harvest is done by hand and is collected in small bins to avoid crushing and oxidation during transport to the winery.